Marie Louise von Franz on film, presented by Full Moon Integrative Therapies

On Monday, October 17th, at 7 pm, Full Moon Therapies will present the fourth in our series of seven films about Women in Analytical Psychology with a screening of the LA Jung Society's  documentary about  Jungian analyst Marie Louise von Franz. (Note that any of the 7 films in the Woman and Analytical Psychology film series can be seen independently from the others.  Come for 1 or all 7!) Von Franz

Marie Louise von Franz was Jung's colleague for over 30 years, and was perhaps the most influential, prolific Jungian analyst to date.   According to many Jungian analysts, her extraordinary sense of humor, her earthy playfulness, and her exceptional mind, made her one of the wisest women of the 20th century.   No Jungian analyst is fully trained without a comprehensive reading of von Franz's own collected works.  Her specialty in the psychology of alchemy, folklore, and fairy tales, made her one of the most profound synthesizers of analytical psychology to follow in Jung's footsteps. 

"Women are often more open to new, creative ideas than men. That is why in the past women were often used as mediums able to make knowledge of the future available to the world of the spirit. The creative courage in the truth conferred by the animus gives a woman the daring to enunciate new ideas that can inspire men to new enterprises. Often in history women have recognized the value of new creative ideas earlier than men, who are more emotionally conservative." - 
von Franz, Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche, p. 323.

Although YouTube has many samples of von Franz on film (click here) , Full Moon Integrative Therapies will present part 3 of the seldom seen documentary from the LA Jung Society's Remember Jung series.

In this film, Dr. von Franz, talks about the shadow, about her work completing Emma Jung’s book on The Grail Legend, and on problems in relating to the psyche for modern people.

Dr. von Franz was particularly proud of her garden and her toad pond, and yet she was a scholar of the first magnitude, translating obscure and arcane Latin, Greek, and later Arabic, alchemical texts. Her books include many writings on the Feminine, including:

 As well as detailed analysis of Fairy Tales and Myth:

 She has also written classics on Analytical technique, such as

"Marie-Louise von Franz, the closest colleague of C.G. Jung, with whom she worked for over 30 years, was born in Munich of Austrian parents, but spent most of her life in Switzerland. Even in primary school she had a reputation for a formidable intellect. She was, for example, unwilling to accept the tenets of the religious education taught at her school. She so exasperated the priest who was teaching her class that he insisted upon giving her private lessons. The upshot, according to a repentant von Franz, was that he completely lost his faith and left the priesthood.

"When von Franz was 41, Jung permitted her to take on her first client. The client was a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Von Franz was naturally eager to make a success of her first case, but the harder she tried to prop the woman up the worse she became. In despair she turned to Jung who advised her to let the client have her nervous breakdown. Von Franz backed off, and stopped straining to help, and the woman soon made a full recovery.

"She said that this was the most important lesson she ever had on therapeutic technique, showing her the limitations of willpower and the Ego, and the role of the Unconscious as the centre of the personality. 

"She likened this to Galileo's discovery that the Earth revolved around the sun, not vice versa. Like the Earth the Ego is an important satellite revolving around a much larger and more powerful centre."

- From Chuck Schwartz's article in The Independent

Kyle Williams will be facilitating an informal discussion following each film for those interested in participating.

Kyle Lee Williams, M.A., LMHCA is a Jungian therapist in private practice, a Jungian analyst in training with the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California, and an adjunct professor of religion and psychology at Antioch University. She has lectured at the C. G. Jung Societies in Seattle and Portland, for the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS), and at Jungian Societies internationally. 

The Women in Analytical Psychology series is a twice a month exploration through documentary film of the achievements of women in the field of Analytical Psychology as well as the liberating vision Analytical Psychology holds for women. This series of 7 films will largely consist of selections from the Remembering Jung series produced by the Los Angeles Jung Society. Not for women only, these seldom seen documentaries also offer the opportunity to understand Jung through the eyes of people who knew him personally.

Dates: The 1st & 3rd Mondays Fall 2011
Time: 7 PM
Presenter: Women analysts speak for themselves through film
Cost: $5 per evening. (Free to Members of the Seattle C.G. Jung Society)
Contact: (206.697.1391) or fill out the online form  at
Location: Full Moon Integrative Therapies, 3010 77th Ave SE, ste 208, Mercer Is., WA 98040 (click for map). This is behind the Wells Fargo bank.

Schedule of Films (subject to change of order)

Oct 17 - Marie-Louise von Franz, Part 3
Nov 7 - Johanna Meier
Nov 21 -
Gilda Frantz
Dec 5 -
Marie-Louise von Franz, Part 2

Previous Films shown at  Full Moon Therapies
Sept 5th - Joanne Wheelwright -- "Kyle's comments were insightful. Kyle's office created an atmosphere of Eros." - participant.
Sept 19 - Baroness Vera von der Heydt
Oct 3 - Marion Woodman - "Amazing Animation." "Well worth seeing."


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